Hue’s Reviews: The Upside of Unrequited

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice. While normally not my book taste, I found with welcoming arms in The Upside of Unrequited. I might need dental work after reading this tale, but I’m not complaining.

Every teenager knows rejection once or twice during their adolescence. However, Molly Peskin-Suso cannot stomach – in her mind – the daily meal of the painful notion. Fat girls get picked last, if at all (Her mindset, not mine). While she comes from a loving family, especially her twin sister (the “beautiful one”) Cassie. However, the latter experiences joy in a new girl, while Molly discovers the potential in a co-worker and in the new girl’s friend. Who knew Molly have an opportunity to choose the owner of her first kiss? Will she finally accept that rejection is a common and temporary part of life or when she bundle good moments to prove unnecessary points?


1. Character diversity

– body diversity. Molly’s fat. She knows and loves herself for it. (So, does her family and friends. There’s a scene of body-shaming that’s quickly shut down by Molly in a great way. The girl can stand up for herself!) Reid, her (view spoiler) is too.

– people of color. Mina’s Korean. Nadine, one of Molly’s moms, Abby, and their family are black.

– LGBTQA representation. Cassie (Molly’s twin sister) is bisexual. Mina (her girlfriend) is pansexual. They are the twin daughters of an interracial lesbian couple. Other characters are also on the spectrum.

– Religious diversity. Patty, the other mom, is Jewish, as are Reid and his parents.

2. Healthy family relationships (even the problematic members come around). Healthy female and male friendships. I loved Nadine more so than Patty because I saw more of the former than the latter.

3. The comedic moments ring natural, as do the dramatic ones.

4. A snazzy cover with a spin on the happy emoji alongside two arrows in opposite directions (I wonder if the symbolize Molly and Cassie’s parents).

5. Quick pacing

6. An overall cute and modern coming of age story.


1. Look, Becky. We get it. You are aware of pop culture and slang. But, lay low on using them too much. At times, I found myself rolling my eyes because you tried too hard, trying to be hip. Ease up!

Also, some slang is highly regional and didn’t make sense. Ease up!

2. A bit of a rushed feeling at the end.

4. My rating dropped a peg because of the cons. But, hey, I still enjoyed reading this book. You will too.

Bottom line, expect rejection throughout your life but keep your eyes open to the moments where acceptance proves the better fit. I gave this book 4 stars.

Happy reading!

*This book sits happily on my bookshelf*

Author: Crafty Scribbles

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