Hue’s Reviews: Behind Closed Doors

In all honesty, I cannot stress the importance of knowing your choice of life partner before three months. Google. Google. Google some more. Do you want children? Will you share errands? How much of their background do you know?

However, if Grace, the main character in Behind Closed Doors followed my advice, we wouldn’t have a story, would we? In this tale, Jack and Grace appear to be the “It Couple”.  He’s smart, accomplished, and well-mannered. She’s pretty, elegant, and demure. But, what’s behind her demure demeanor and how attentive is Jack? Perfect marriages don’t exist and Jack and Grace hold a secret their neighbors want to explore.

No. It’s not the perfect chocolate ganache frosting recipe either. Google. Google. Google some more.


1. Nail-biting scenes. I’m glad my fingernails shortened prior to this book or else I would have none. Believable dialogue furthers the plot of an imperfect marriage. You want her to hurry, but you have to wait. So, you bite your nails more until they are nubs – not cute nubs, gnarly ones.

2. Fast pacing. Nothing makes me stop reading more than a slow story. Paris serves what we order. Keep the scenes moving. Keep us entertained. By the time you’ve checked your nubs, you turn the page and bite again.

3. Jack. Picture perfect charisma. Attractive. Well-off. He’s a lawyer. Snatch him, people. He’s red hot…except no. He’s dangerous. Judge a dude by his cover and find a mindset guaranteeing a big nope after the first date. Of course, being the massive Benedict Cumberbatch fan I am, I substituted Jack for Ben and, by doing so, may have cast him in his next role. Make it happen!

4. Grace. Still waters run deep. At first, I assumed she was the dumbest woman walking. Who gets married after knowing someone after three months? Of course, if you check the latest divorce rates, more than one person. Who lets someone dictate their wedding plans, job continuance, and overall life plans? She missed all the signs. But, to protect her sister, Millie, she grew a backbone and devised a damn sweet plan. Good girl!

5. Esther. I loved her from the first scene. She never fell under the spell of Jack, questioning clear signs of abuse and manipulation. By the last line, you can’t help by cheer her name. If only we had more Esther’s in the world.

6. Millie. Positive representation of a young woman with Down’s Syndrome. She’s one smart cookie and I love her snark.

To be fair, one must include cons and there are only two minor examples. Feel free to disagree.


1. Given today’s technology and behavior towards women’s rights while married, some people acted a bit obtuse and some actions screamed half-baked. But, for the cause of drama, this con is small. Please suspend your disbelief.

2. Adam and Diane are two of the dumbest folks I’ve met. We’re not in the 1950s. Closing your eyes to dysfunction aids the perpetrator.

Do I recommend this book? Yes. Yes. Yes.  4.5 out of 5 (Thanks to the cons)

*This story happily sits on my Kindle from my own funds.*

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