Hello! Hiya! How You Doin’?

Hello Everyone,
I’m Latanya aka Crafty Scribbles. I’m a reader. Well, obviously this is a book blog. Reading and enjoying the process is a must. Why not share my joy with others like me – or unlike me, pleasant conversation and all being key?

What’s there to know? Well, along with reading, I write stories. I’d like to publish them (I’ve published poetry, which is cool, too). But, until I do, I hope to share my views on the writings of others.

In my personal life, I teach as well as work as a wife and mom to two boys (Yes, these count as work, too!). I currently live in a Los Angeles suburb, but I travel and my mind expands to to other places on the globe.

What’s Rhapsody in Hue?
Well, it’s a portmanteau of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue (which I adore) and the fact that I’m a writer and reader of color. In the book and writing community, sometimes I find voices of color (black, Latino, Asian, Native American and so forth – so many colors, you know!) trampled. Take a look at the book tuber of color lack on Youtube. You’ll see and understand.

My point is that I like to read. I want my opinion out there like anyone else’s. It’s important as we only get one life to share our feelings about what we enjoy and do not enjoy. So yeah. I think that’s a pithy statement about my blog’s title. Everyone’s welcome, black and white, Latino and Asian, and the many groups between. Let’s take a breath and enjoy our books. Let’s fangirl (or fanboy) over the words on the page like goofballs.

What can I do to make my blog more inclusive? All tips are appreciated.

Care to join me? I promise to be fair, honest, and respectful. I’m not here to cut fellow writers. But, I do believe in sharing critiques that help others to grow. So, if you’re looking for drama, I’m sorry I can’t help you with that request. 

I hope you enjoy your stay whoever you are.

Crafty Scribbles

Author: Crafty Scribbles

Lover of Words. Mother. Teacher. Traveler. Writer. Bionic woman against ignorance. Finding the balance between words and reality. M.Ed. built to school you.