Hue’s Reviews: Love & Gelato

Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch – two delicious items one can get in Italy. While I’ve enjoyed both in Venice, this story takes place in Florence.

Quick wrap-up


1. Quick pacing

2. A character that’s pretty likable. She’s not dim-witted (though at times she was rather unobservant). Her confusion throughout her short and empathetic journey. She’s grieving her mother – a woman with secrets and facets unbeknownst to her daughter. While she loves her mother, she sometimes feels as though she never knew her.

3. I loved reading about some landmarks in Florence (I haven’t visited yet). Vivid descriptions included throughout the pages helped me visualize the story.

4. A bit of Italian thrown in. While not exactly Rosetta Stone, you pick up a word or two for future reference.

5. Her mother’s story (the b-story via journal entries) is sad and intriguing (to the point where I wanted more). Prequel perhaps?

6. Fluffy, nothing deep. A good break from reading complex stories. No shade. But, sometimes you do want a bit of fluff, if you read stories with deep subjects.

7. Cute cover. If you remove the jacket you get a simple naked cover in pink and white (gelato covers).


1. Insta-love. I get this is a romance of sorts. But, can we understand that no one falls in love within a week or two of meeting the other person. It’s called lust, not love. Stop selling this trope. It’s unrealistic.

2. I would have appreciate more characterization among the characters. Many of them fell flat and one-dimensional, including Howard and Matteo (a buffoonish pig).

A good beach read (though I read it in April). If you’re traveling to Italy and want a taste of the region, snatch this book. A solid 4. I would’ve considered a 4.5. But, the insta-love and one-dimensional characters blew the chance.

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