May 2017 TBR

With a myriad of choices knocking at my door, I chose five books (more or less) to read.

  • White Fur by Jardine Libaire (ebook/Penguin’s First To Read arc). I wish I had this book in printed form. I’m loving its story. Its fire burns my soul. White Fur
  • Paper Girls Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughn (Mine!). After hearing a lot of good noise about this graphic novel, I bought the book. Graphic novels never see the light of day with me. I patronize their film or t.v. adaptation, but never read them. How odd, right? Well, a good reader leaves his or her comfort zone and picks a form or genre untouched. Also, the story’s setting – 1988 – and characters’ age (12) gave me instant nostalgic connection (My age during the same year). I couldn’t resist.  Paper Girls

  • Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica (ARC/Goodreads giveaway win). I’m a fan of Ms. Kubica. After reading The Good GirlPretty Babyand Don’t You Cryshe’s an author that will always take my money without question. 
  • Girl Through Glass by Sari Wilson (Mine!). I picked this book up blind as a bat, only knowing the blurb and ballet. I’m a sucker for tragic or dramatic ballerina stories. Go cop Tiny Pretty Things (4/5), Shiny Broken Pieces (4/5), and Pointe (3/5). I’m enchanted. 
  • Wrecked by Maria Padian (Mine!). I heard about this book months ago. Like many books on anyone’s TBR, it sat lonely, waiting for me to sort my life out and hold it in my lovely and moisturized hands. Trigger warning: Rape/Sexual Assault, but giving its high school setting, I feel this book can usher necessary discussions. Wrecked
  • During Indie Bookstore Day, I received a free (a lovely word to book dragons everywhere) short story (Kindred Spirits) by famed author Rainbow Rowell of Fangirl (3/5) and Eleanor and Park (Yeah, okay. I haven’t read the book…yet).

There you have my May TBR. Since I included a short story on the list, I’ll likely add another book since I have a bunch requiring my attention, like those cheese fries I’m about to down.

Happy Reading This Month!


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