9 Reasons To Read Before Bed

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Do you read before bed? I do not, preferring to read before 7 p.m. After 7, I’ll check my social media, write and/or (Yay multi-tasking!) watch t.v./Netflix (I still have yet to binge Orange is the New Black). But, after reading Bustle’s article, I have some re-prioritizing my evening activities.

My favorite tip

  • Screen-free time
    • We all know that we’ll sleep better if we cut down on screens right before bed. And yet… most of us still fall asleep with our phones/laptops/video calculators pressed lovingly against our faces. But if you set aside bedtime for reading an analog, paper book, you get that rare screen-free time that your eyes desperately need.

Sounds good to me. Check out the rest.

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3 thoughts

  1. Actually when I was younger I used to learn my German before going to bed so I could retain more ^^ it does work!
    And yes I read before going to bed, it helps me relaxing and disconnecting from my day 🙂


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