Hue’s Reviews: The Roanoke Girls

*Many thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.*

My stomach requires the best to churn.

Bad food

Multilated bodies

Anything happening to children

You’re warned! Have fun.

1. This story’s damn gripping, ugly (without an ounce of surrender), and a matter of fact approach baffling its readers.
2. Quick pace. I finished this in two days. If my schedule allowed more time, I’d have finished in a day. It’s crazy and addictive.
3. Shocking Moment (Outside of the Entire Plot): Lane’s moment of clarity (view spoiler) Lord, have mercy on me. But, she recovers.
4. Characters, while unlikeable, you cannot help but read and divulge into their lives.
5. The use of multiple perspectives throughout the book. Engel writes a chapter for all the Roanoke girls (view spoiler). They are quick and you get a sense of their feelings and how much (view spoiler) felt within this family.
6. The use of flashback (then) and flash forward (now) regarding Lane’s perspective. You see the joy, struggles, and pain she’s felt then and now, marking her character arc by the end.
6. I used my new shower gel from feeling dirty after reading this book. My skin’s moisturized in a lovely scent.

1. I figured out the secret too soon. But, the technique works as you’re not wasting time figuring out clues. You get more story at a faster pace. (So, maybe not so much a con).
2. But, I figured out the ending, too, which didn’t surprise me. However, Engel made me work a bit by giving me motives and characters to consider.
3. I needed a shower afterwards.

Content Warning: Incest/child murder/murder/rape

Normally, I’m not a big fan of book to movie adaptation, but I don’t know if I mind one this time. Ugh. I need help.

Verdict: A solid 4, ushered by prayer, therapy, and a mug of Earl Grey.


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