Top Eight Books I DNF’d This Year and Two I Gratefully Continued

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and The Bookish.  They had been on summer hiatus, and since their return, my participation returns.

One must not waste time with a love affair gone sour. The same advice adheres to our love affairs with books. Why bother, if you’re not moved? Find a book that grips you and never lets go. Therefore, today’s top ten revolves around books I had a hard time reading. I chose eight books I DNF’d so far this year and two I’m glad to have finished.

Top Eight Books I DNF’d So Far in 2017

When We Were Worthy  I’m not awfully fond of multiple points of views in books. I prefer one or two at the most. However, with the interesting blurb, I thought I’d get a connection with at least three of them. Alas, I left with zero connections. The characters bored me to no end.

The Lauras Too slow. Unfortunately, I finished reading a good book (Out Of The Easy) before I reached for this one, causing my nonchalant tossing of this story.

The Brontë Plot  If I cannot remember why I DNF’d this book,  enough said.

Done Dirt Cheap Over-hype hurt this book for me. After sixty pages, I ditched it. However, I may return, if I have nothing else to read for a bit.

When Dimple Met Rishi As with the above book, over-hype killed this book. I gave it thirty pages over three days (Yes, three days! Red Alert!) and ditched it. Maybe I’ll finish. Maybe not.

A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet, #1) What works for children does not translate for adults. I never read this as a child. Maybe I would have liked it then. Maybe not. But, as an adult, I found it slow and unbelievably boring. I respect its placement within classics.

However, not all classics warm my heart.

Linden Hills Too many male perspectives and too slow, despite an interesting concept.

Every Last Lie  I simply did not care about this couple. With this book and Kubica’s  Don’t You Cry, a book I DNF’d and returned to, after a two-month break, I’m afraid Ms. Kubica’s on thin ice with me. Shame since I like her two novels, Pretty Baby and The Good Girl.

…And Two I’m Grateful To Have Finished

The Cellar (The Cellar #1)  The Cellar I learned how to properly hate read/review a book.

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  Purple Hisbiscus I came close to DNF’ing various times, but I’m glad I continued because there were scenes I needed to witness.

Well, there you have it. 2017’s not done with me yet. While I hope I won’t DNF another book in the last months, will I find a bad book lurking near my pure bookshelves?

What books have you recently DNF’d? Feel free to leave your comment.

Happy Reading!



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10 thoughts

    1. That’s the best part of being in a bookish community. Different tastes for different folks.


  1. You’re totally right about When Dimple Me Rishi. The hype was SO strong. Admittedly it’s not super great at the beginning; it seems a bit like a typical YA. But after the plot gets going it improves a lot. Though I do understand people who don’t like books they have to commit to in order for them to like it.


    1. I do hope to return to the book. Sometimes, a book sticks with me, even if I put it down without finishing.


  2. Mary Kubica is on thin ice with me too. I really liked her first book, still haven’t read Pretty Baby (although I did start it once on audiobook, I got distracted by something else). Don’t You Cry was fairly terrible and I wish I’d DNFed it. I don’t have any plans at the moment to pick up her latest book- but it’ll definitely be a library book. And A Wrinkle in Time is a book I read only as an adult, maybe 6 or 7 years ago? I had tried and failed to read the book as a kid, and while I liked it okay enough, I had no wish to continue the series. And I did like When Dimple Met Rishi, it’s cute enough, but it’s not the end all be all the hype promised it would be.


    1. We’re in sync, Kate. Good thing in this day and age. I’ll likely return to When Dimple Met Rishi. Maybe the fate wasn’t aligned correctly.


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