All About That Aesthetic Board

Four months.

The last time I created anything regarding my work in progress (WIP). Why? Like reading slumps, writing slumps appear out of nowhere. Minemanifested because my story existed solely on the page as mere words. I journeyed a few times past them. Yet, by pushing myself infrequently, my words stagnated – doomed to a half-existence.

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Only a chosen few know about my primary WIP – Mr. Scribbles and friends I met through my local writing group. I want to break out of my shell and include pieces of my work via this blog to get my motor revved.

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Thanks to Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks for pulling me out of my writing shell with this topic.

What’s an Aesthetic Board?

To some writers, their words require embodiment beyond the page. Some write character bios, writing every minute of their character’s life in a notebook; whereas, others keep their character’s bio being in their head (lucky souls!). Others, like myself, require mood or aesthetic boards to bring their stories to life. Their stories require visuals past description. Also, I use music playlists, but more on that option later.

Aesthetic boards include groups of pictures that speak to a character, plot, a world, or feeling within a story. A writer selects pictures and creates a collage matching his or her story’s mood – a conveyed feeling they want their readers to grasp.

You can find pictures online via Pinterest (my favorite), Tumblr, random websites, and search engines. If you use someone’s picture, please give credit to the original photographer or creator to avoid legal action. Or, feel free to use free photo sites like and IM Free.

After creating a private board on Pinterest, I add whatever fits my story’s fancy. Colors (e.g. my main protagonist’s favorite color is red), attributes (e.g. she has curly-kinky hair), and profession (e.g. she owns a tea shop). Think of your character and plot. Add what works best.

Once you save your pictures, go to sites like Canva or Photoshop, create your collage, and share on your favorite social media.

What’s My Aesthetic Board?

For my own story, my board reflects a woman facing her past beyond a comfortable veneer slowly chipping away, thanks to the arrival of someone she deems her pain’s cause.

Untitled design (4).png

*These pictures are found on various Pinterest boards, quotes from Pretty Little Liars, tumblr, and You can find them on,, The Burning Truth Store, Danielle Pigeon, Scott Slagor, Noelito Flow, Dragon Fae Creations, French Larkspur, Another Mind Palace, and lostariels. They do not belong to me.*

Want Some Story Hints?

  • Creature maker
  • Tea, literal and metaphorical sense
  • Red
  • Secrets and lies
  • Addiction
  • Love
  • Broken souls
  • Home is not where the heart is
  • Chasing redemption
  • Seeking peace
  • Identity
  • Forgiveness

I feel free…

I feel…


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If you’re a writer, do you consider aesthetic boards as part of your process? Why or why not? Feel free to share your comments below.

*Special thanks to Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks for the inspiration.*

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  1. Hmm. I’ve tried aesthetic boards, if I’m really procrastinating, but I don’t feel particularly inspired by them. Sometimes one picture will click, but mostly I am the type who likes to write tidbits about character backgrounds and I have a binder of all my older characters – mostly to keep track of personality and physical features. I love the IDEA of aesthetic boards, though, and I really like the one picture with the shattered mask in yours!

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    1. Thanks, Amber. Your idea sounds good, though, and I’m glad you have a system that helps. As writers, we’re told to appeal to all senses, while missing the opportunity to do the same for us.

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  2. Oh I’m so, so glad that you did this – and that my post inspired you to! I love you aesthetics here, the quotes you included are SO great. Also, I really like all of your hints here, it makes me want to know more about the story 🙂 I hope this will inspire you to go on and on and revive the writing beast 🙂

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