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Last week, I wrote of my newfound love for aesthetic boards All About That Aesthetic Board, where writers create visual mood boards based on characters and/or plot for their works in progress (WIP).

To make an aesthetic board, you take or find pics and create a collage. Here’s mine for my main WIP (Untitled).

Untitled design (4)

What’s a Soundboard?

Sure, aesthetic boards takes care of those needing visuals. But, what about those that require soundboards a.k.a. music playlists?

For every story outlined, I created an immediate music playlist/soundboard, including audio snapshots of feelings, perceptions, and realities my characters (main and secondary) and/or plot details.

Furthermore, I listened to these playlists whenever I wrote to capture my story’s essence. Interesting how these playlists never cross-contaminate. I’ve yet to use the same song on different lists.

For my main WIP, I created a playlist totaling 125 (Yes, seriously!) songs. I’ve worked on this project longest (2014) and I’m not surprised I gathered this number.

They range from well-known hits (Wicked Game – Chris Isaak ) to underrated tunes (New Blue Feeling – White Denim), traveling across decades (You Keep Me Hangin’ On – The Supremes) and genre (Crazy – Gnarls Barkley).

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How Do You Make One?

  • Think of your story.
  • Consider your characters inner and outer goals, conflict, and mindset.
  • Consider your plot.
  • Use what works for you. Spotify. Personal music collection. YouTube. Pinterest.
  • Name your playlist by WIP’s Title.
  • Select songs conveying your story’s musical vibe.
  • Cross decades, genres, and popularity to enhance your list. Do not limit yourself.
  • Use as you write. However, if music distracts you, consider seeking the lyrics to memorize.
  • You might discover some great tunes while you’re at it, along with the benefit of using another sense to create your story.
  • If you’re WIP deals with multiple points of views (POVs), make a playlist for each character’s head space.

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Below are Ten Hints Conveying My Story’s Vibe (Enjoy!):

Do you use music to enhance your writing process? If so, what songs do you use? Feel free to share your comments below.

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Happy Creating!


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