A Chock Full of Mini-Reviews (Just Kidding Four!)

I’m reading a lot this month. For some reason, autumn kick-started a glutton of books arriving at my door, via Overdrive and my overloaded TBR (More so, the former – yay, book apps!).

Perhaps, one of these books will perk your gluttony also. Peer pressure’s a constant struggle, ya’ll.

The Grownup

Gillian Flynn screwed me.

She’s done this three times before. But, unlike those other times, I enjoyed her debauchery. With this short story, she offers a one-night stand better left in the vault of “Beer Goggles Doom”. Story looked cute from afar, thanks to her reputation and those goggles. But, once I removed them, I saw the tale as one big mess.

1. Great start! Hand jobs suck for those suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, am I right? Boom. She hooked me.

2. Her main character wishes to be a nerd. She’s loving books and desires to be a librarian, even a sexy librarian. I can dig it. Sexy bookworms for the win!

3. Her MC told me she’s a psychic running a con on a poor woman afraid for her family. I follow the MC’s tale because when the best hand job giver speaks, you listen.

4. I follow the MC to a haunted house with a creepy teen hurting his family. I’m in. The Real Damian of Suburbian Row. I’m in!

5. But, Flynn and her MC flips me with the rest of the story going into exposition and backstory mode. The goggles slip. I see Flynn in front of me, laughing at the greatest con she pulled.

Flynn, I followed you through Dark Places, Sharp Objects, and Gone Girl (That’s my ranking of her tales, by the way). Yes, you twisted my head a bit with The Creepster and his “New Mommy”. But, now I’m second-guessing what I read because, as Little Damian expressed in your story, who’s the liar? Him? His stepmother? You? I find myself seeking a dresser to fortify my door tonight.

Verdict : 2.5/5 tickets to creepy conventions where you meet your own teen sociopath.

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Based on a true story, a pied piper invites a young teen on a vehicular date. He spends time coaxing the young girl out of her home, promising love and bliss behind sinister eyes.

I knew of the true story before reading this tale. Both scare the hell out of me. Not for the faint of heart, this story serves a cautionary tale about placing trust on strangers, even if they wear tight leather jeans and woos like no other.

Verdict: 5/5

The Metamorphosis

Life’s unpredictable, and nothing’s promised. Not your family’s love. Not your finances. Not your body.

Do we make the most of our prior days? Do we use each second and minute as though our last? Modern humanity changes with a wave of a higher entity’s hand for its amusement or for a greater purpose without acknowledgment.

This story ventures into possible directions without truly telling us what’s truer than the next. Perhaps, that’s the point. We don’t know whether Gregor’s ascension or regression posed greater purposes for him or those knowing him (e.g. his sister matured, so there’s hope).

Whatever you’ll doing now make it count. You might get squished in your next life.

(Having reviewed this classic, I can say the story suffers from hype more than substance. Good, but not the amazing tale touted for decades.)

Verdict: 3.5/5 Bug strips

Hello, Moto

Beauty, a powerful form, along with technology, corrupts three women, one unwilling and two open for the cause. Their power reigns in wigs, placing them in vampiric ecstasy until story’s end.

While I enjoyed the tale. It felt a bit unfinished, leaving readers on a cliffhanger.

Verdict: 3/5 Amazing lacefront wigs

(I’d rather recommending reading Ms. Okorafor’s duology, Akata Witch and its just published sequel, Akata Warrior.)

Thanks for reading my chock full of mini-reviews. I hope you enjoyed them. I’m reading a ton of books this month. More of them drop at my door and I find myself figuring ways to share my love or disdain for them on-time. Oh, well. #FirstWorldProblems.

Happy Reading!


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