Monday, Monday…

Good evening, people! How was your weekend? How’s your Monday? Besides work, going to the gym, and holiday shopping, I’m doing my best to stay abreast with reading, self-care, and entertaining myself.

Trying to keep life together in December’s challenging. But, my head’s above water…for now. I’m reading three…count them…three books at the same time. If I finish this week, good. If I don’t, so what. I have until December the 31st to finish my 2017 reading. Since I’ve finished my reading challenge long ago, I’m taking my sweet time.

What I’m Reading This Week

Into the Water

This book just won the 2017 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Mystery/Thriller. So far, it’s slower than molasses and the multiple perspectives, in my opinion, hurt the story’s pacing and can be cut to two, maybe three. But, I’ve counted five so far. Way too much.


I literally started this book today. It has promise. I’ll see if its hype from this year’s worth a continued reading.

Swing Time

Along with Into the Water, I’m reading another story based in The U.K. with female protoganists. As I mention below, I’ve been reading mostly stories involving women in The U.K. Yes, I get it. I returning in 2018, but still I’m making a good run on these books and they haven’t disappointed me yet (though, Into the Water’s gunning for that spot).

Smith follows the lives of two dancers as they navigate their way through dance, family, heritage, and their own coming of age struggles. I finished watching a t.v. adaptation of Smith’s other novel, NW and figured I needed to really get on the bandwagon and read her work.

What I Read Last Week

Behind Her Eyes

Man, that ending! No spoilers. Just experience one woman’s journey after a drunken kiss in a bar with a married man. Yeah, maybe she should’ve stayed home that evening. 4/5

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Eleanor Oliphant’s not completely fine and that’s okay. Her journey’s well worth the reading through her quirks, anxieties, and sometimes, annoying thoughts. 5/5

What I Watched

Image result for the disaster artist Image Credit:

Go see The Room. It’s a movie that’s so bad it’s good. James Franco works his magic as The Room’s self-deluded writer, director, and actor, Tommy Wissau. This parody of the actual movie’s creation offers hilarity and a bit of sadness as you witness one man’s attempt at attainable what should have been the unattainable. VerdictA

Whatever you do this week, take some time and breathe. December’s quite the stressful month!



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