Resolutions, Book and Otherwise, 2018

2018’s here. I welcome this renewal wisely and with open arms, ready for anything. 2017 both bummed and helped me and I seek to make this new year a grand one.

With the new year’s arrival comes the annual “task” of creating resolutions to better myself. Most of the time, I adhere to those I make; whereas, the ones falling to the wayside tend to be unattainable from the go.

I created ten doable resolutions that will help make 2018 as splendid and thought-provoking as possible. How about you?

Shall we begin?

  1. Travel More. I usually travel internationally once a year. Boom! I have three trips planned.
  2. Read Less YA. Okay. Hear me out. I’m still reading the genre; but, I’m selecting quality YA. I find myself pretty much reading the same damn story and I’m bored. So, I need YA with substance or I’m done.
  3. Read More Nonfiction. My TBR shows its bias and I’m fixing that problem. More nonfiction this year. Promise.
  4. Getting Fit. I say this every year and I achieve my resolution. Maintain it, however, is a different can of worms.
  5. Reading One or Two Male Authors. I have another bias: not reading male authors. They bore me with their lack of emotion and focusing on plot-driven stories. But, I’m sure I’ll discover one or two that’ll change my mind temporarily.
  6. 52 Books. That’s my goal. Last year, I started small with 52 books (one book a week). However, I clobbered that goal by April and created another goal of 85 books. I clobbered that by August. By December 28th, I read 152 tomes. Less quantity, more quality this year. Plus, reading that many books hindered my actual writing and that’s no bueno. If I keep my goals small, I’ll enjoy the inevitable smashing later.
  7. Makeover. Makeover. Makeover. I’m making over my blog, my hair, and skin. I like projects. Change is good.
  8. Pushing My Reading Content. I’m participating in Popsugar’s 2018 Reading Challenge, along with nicking prompts from others (e.g. Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge, Goodreads 52 Books). Push myself. Leave my comfort zone. Enter new worlds. No biggie.
  9. Buy One Book in Each Country I Visit. Pretty self-explanatory, this resolution continues my personal theme of opening my world for makeovers. Read other perspectives. Learn more. See more.
  10. Buy Bookish Items. I used to say no to bookish t-shirts, candles and such. Why not go beyond tote bags and bookmarks?

Do you have any book/reading or other resolutions for 2018? Feel free to share.

Happy New Year!


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