Top Ten Bookish Goals/Resolutions

Okay, I discussed a few of my resolutions earlier this month. However, for Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme now brought to you by The Artsy Reader Girl, and formerly of The Broke and The Bookish, I ran back to the drawing board and considered detailed versions of said goals, along with some newbies.

With a new year arriving, I want to push myself farther into the bookish realm for which I dwell joyously. But, to do so, I need to create a list outlining how I plan to accomplish this feat. Resolutions are notorious for breaking, an aspect I wish to deter.

Shall we begin?

  1. Read Six Debuts. Pretty self-explanatory. Fresh minds. Hopefully, fresh ideas following them.

  2. Read Less YA. Okay. Hear me out. I’m still reading the genre; but, I’m selecting quality YA. I find myself pretty much reading the same damn story and I’m bored. So, I need YA with substance or I’m done.

  3. Read Five New to Me Authors. Debut or Well-known, it doesn’t matter. If I’ve never read their work, I’m in.

  4. Read Two Nonfiction. My TBR shows its bias and I’m fixing that problem. More nonfiction this year. Promise.

  5. Reading One or Two Male Authors. I have another bias: not reading male authors. They bore me with their lack of emotion and focusing on plot-driven stories. But, I’m sure I’ll discover one or two that’ll change my mind temporarily.

  6. Join and Complete Reading Challenges. Previously, I flicked my nose upwards towards reading prompts. I knew what I wanted to read and detested any attempt at “forcing” me to follow others’ suggestions.

    Fortunately, I saw the other side. Reading challenges push you to go past your comfort zone by introducing you to genres, topics, authors, and formats ignored. I’m participating in Popsugar’s 2018 Reading Challenge and nicked some prompts I like from Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge and Goodreads’ Around the Year in 52 Books. I planned most of my books already and left plenty of room for books to earn their prompts. I’ve joined. Now, I must complete.

  7. 52 Books. That’s my goal. Last year, I started small with 52 books (one book a week). However, I clobbered that goal by April and created another goal of 85 books. I clobbered that by August. By December 28th, I read 152 tomes. Less quantity, more quality this year. Plus, reading that many books hindered my actual writing and that’s no bueno. If I keep my goal small, I’ll enjoy the inevitable smashing later.

  8. Buy One Book in Each Country I Visit. Pretty self-explanatory, this resolution continues my personal theme of opening my world for makeovers. Read other perspectives. Learn more. See more.

  9. Buy Bookish Items. I used to say no to bookish t-shirts, candles and such. The thought of buying bookish items, instead of actual books, defied common sense. But, I cannot deny cute items I see here and there. Why not go beyond tote bags and bookmarks?

  10. Read Five Books I Already Own. I have at least forty books (Don’t worry. Thirty of them are on my Kindle, lol!) that I bought and set aside for newer, shinier stories. Not this year! I have to actually read what I bring into my life. I cannot mistreat them like a evil stepmother to her new stepchildren. No bueno!

I’d say these goals/resolutions are beyond feasible, if I’m serious about gaining a hold of my lovely book life, I must add spice to keep myself steady. Are you doing any goals/resolutions this year? If so, feel free to share.


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