Yes, I’m Stuck on Stupid About Harry and Meghan’s Wedding Too.

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Look at that picture! Seriously, I feel love emitting fiercely.

You didn’t think I offered immunity from the royal wedding, right? Of course not. I landed in London last month, and upon my arrival home to L.A., I kicked myself for not picking up at least a mug or tea cup with their faces on them. Yeah, buying one would have been cheesy, but what a cute way to commemorate an event that’s unlike any other, including Will and Kate’s.

Come on.

Meghan’s an American black biracial divorcee and former actress about to marry Prince Harry. That’s not something so common I can afford to turn my nose. So, this chica’s celebrating like a cornball. While everyone else sleeps in my house, I’ll squint at the t.v. and computer streaming with a teapot, Kleenex, and some lemon cake.

I won’t focus on her paternal side’s insistence on creating drama. I won’t have it. Nope. Nada. Nuh-uh.

I lied.

Okay, but they are trashy for hurting Meghan and Harry. But, unlike that side of her family, Meghan and Harry can hold their head high.


Make yourself a spot of tea and some scones for the royal wedding. I have my lemon poppyseed mix ready, along with my never-ending stash of Fortnum & Mason’s Earl Grey tea.

After work this Friday, I plan to rush home, eat a small dinner, and take a nap. Why? I have to get up between 1 and 3 a.m. to see the beginning of the wedding’s coverage. I’m not forfeiting sleep for this event. I’m just sleeping earlier with my phone’s clock waking me. I’m not throwing a party. It’ll be just me, me, me.

Better that way.

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She’s looking like, “Hey, gurl. Look at me. I snatched him, ya’ll.” Love it.

What will she wear? Honestly, I did not like Kate Middleton’s dress. It felt too old. I prefer modern brides to fit their modern times. I think Meghan will wear a classy and modern dress. Seeing her attire will be top five for seeing this event alone.

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What’s the other top four? As mentioned before, seeing this woman change the face of the monarchy, seeing the wedding (I love weddings!), the grandeur, and I love London (almost in a stalkerish way).

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I‘m good with this one. (Not a choice!)


This wedding’s a big event and I cannot wait to fasten a church hat on my head, sip some tears, and cry for someone who doesn’t know I exist.

Peace and Love,


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