I’m a writer living with Bipolar Disorder II with Cyclothymia. Fun times, right? However, creative writing, when my mind’s cooperating, serves as therapy for the ups and downs life decided I’d traipse. I’m in the midst of a novel, but when the words do not flow, I turn to poetry – mine and others. Langston Hughes. Slyvia Plath. Shel Silverstein. Maya Angelou. When I cannot help myself, I seek assistance from poetic pioneers before me.

I think I’m going to start posting some poems I’ve written or enjoyed as part of my therapy. Perhaps, a reader will relate to my feelings at the time as I have to the words of other poets.

Enjoy! (The poems are copyrighted, so don’t push unnecessary litigation on yourself. Okay?)

Chasing melancholy
is a habit of mine
like a sailor to the sea
or a wino to his wine

I know not
why we’re a pair
Hadn’t given it much thought really
It’s neither here nor there

It wraps me in warm cashmere
outside in the cold
snatching it back
cruel, yet bold

Knowing I seek its shelter
throwing me around
Forbidding a sense of closure
or solid ground

The sadness will saunter away
breaking free
and yet I’ll chase again
chaining my destiny

©2014, Latanya M. Ivey (a.ka. Me)

Reprinted from my back in the day blog, The Days and Nights of KashmirGirl1976

Author: Crafty Scribbles

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