Places My Bucket List Begs Me To Check Off (Part I)

  1. a strong desire to travel.
    “a man – a woman- consumed by wanderlust”
  2. Me.

The desire to travel lives strong within my belly. Venice. London. The Caribbean. NYC. The Greek Isles. When lust struck, I moved to where it yearn to breathe. As I grow older, my lust matures. I WANT MORE! Okay, maybe that’s not mature. Nevertheless, my truth speaks volumes.

This year alone, I’ll visit Philadelphia (my hometown), San Francisco, and Paris after an April run to London. No, I didn’t participate in the London Marathon. I just ran to London again (three times and counting).

In total, I have at least thirty places I wish to see. Presented below are ten in a three-part series. Enjoy some reasons I’ve included for visiting.

Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower in France.

I want to walk along the Seine with a warm baguette in my hand and people watch. I’m doing so this year. This city will not sit on my bucket list unchecked any longer. (Hotel booked!)

Lisbon, Portugal

Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Better yet, I’ll go during Carnaval. Costume and all.

San Francisco, California

Don’t laugh. For fifteen years, I’ve lived in California and have yet to visit. However, San Francisco is another city I will mark off my list during the Fourth of July holiday. I cannot wait to see Fisherman’s Wharf and The Height. (Update: Check)

Marrakesh, Morocco

Markets. The people. The spices. Get me within an inch of these sights and smells and I’m free.

Capetown, South Africa

The southern tip of The Motherland. Ah…I’d swim the waters, but those sharks, though. Don’t watch Shark Week before booking your trip, girl. #PositiveTip The People!!!

Bali, Indonesia

A tall waterfall tumbling down a steep rock face covered with green ivy

Imagine the pics I’ll take underneath waterfalls such as this. Red or yellow bikini?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I cannot share my plans for this trip. Ha! A girl has her secrets. Cough. Cough.

Havana, Cuba

I want to take a cruise to Havana, grab some cigars that I won’t smoke, and drive one of these beauties.

Florence, Italy

The sun sets over the bridges of the River Arno in the city of Florence, Tuscany, Italy

I shall wander Florence’s nooks and crannies without care – but much respect. Museums. Bridges. Wine. Glorious!

If you’ve visited any of these spots, please feel free to shout out tips you’ve acquired.

Love and Wanderlust,


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