Songs of Porcelain: “This Used to Be My Playground”

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Every Monday, for a while, I will highlight songs that inspire my work in progress (WIP), Porcelain.

I believe that music and writing connect, and when one’s writing a fictional world, realistically one cannot deny music’s place. When I write, I listen to music. Not everyone can listen to music as they type and create, but I love escaping to the world I’m creating, and listening music gives me the creative sanctuary I crave.

Some songs offer tranquility. Some songs offer anger and rage. Some songs offer love. These aspects find themselves in my MC’s life and in the lives of those around her. I’ve songs for Kyra, my MC, and her villain, Dr. Bain Hunter. I have songs for her mother, Vivianne, an antagonist with her means of protecting her daughters. I even have songs for the loves of her life.

Enjoy this weekly post as I have enjoyed applying them to my WIP.

This Used to Be My Playground

This is a song about reflection, including disillusion and regret. Kyra reflects on abuse heaped on her and how she handled its devastating purge on her life since.

“This used to be my playground.”

She was free once without care. Unfortunately, those moments have since passed and she moves to other settings shaping her life.

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“Don’t hold on to the past/Well that’s too much to ask”

Some people believe that holding on to your past hurts your present and future. One must move on to reap their rewards. Not necessarily. Understanding what happened to get to the present and future requires introspection to make latter times healthy.

Also, remembering persons shaping one’s past help heal souls. Forgive and forget is an adage that is not a one size fits all. Kyra grasps this concept completely.

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“Say goodbye to yesterday/Those are words I’ll never say”

Kyra will always remember her past. But, she’ll never say goodbye because those events make her who she’s become. She’ll never stop looking back, but she will continue living her life.

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My Song Reaction

I remember hearing this song in the midst of summer school back in 1992 (I went for typing no less! lol I’m much better now). I knew this song wasn’t typical of Madonna. It’s reflective, woeful, and hopeful. Even at sixteen, I experienced those three aspects as I listened. I got it. Childhood left. Adolescence snatched its place. Soon, adulthood would take over and memories would be my only connection to the past because I could not go back.

It’s a beautiful, underrated tune by her and I’m grateful for its presence on my novel’s soundboard.

Well, that’s it for this installment of Songs of Porcelain, my weekly spotlight on music influencing my work in progress, Porcelain. If you like to comment, feel free to do so below.


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