Hue’s Mini-Review: Her Pretty Face

While a good read, and thrilling in some parts, the story’s predictable. If you couldn’t figure out who’s who in the first third, may I suggest more thrillers in your life?


1. I enjoyed the multiple povs. Though, one particular character threw me for a loop, which added some appreciated unpredictability.

2. One character’s admission added spice (No spoilers!) and I’m grateful for that kick.

3. Another character’s (No spoilers!) ultimate revelation – boom! – adds a final bite to a good story.

4. Quick paced. Once the story moves, it gets going quickly. No purple prose. Just good storytelling done in a concise manner.

I’m vague in my pros because I want people to read the story without giving away details.


1. Predictability up the wazoo! Yeah, okay, I figured out the murderer fast – too fast for my taste. I would have liked more tension in that area. Alas, I received it in spurts via other aspects.

Verdict: 3.5 (but I won’t round up to 4 stars) Crafty Scribbles for this story. Still, while incredibly predictable, the story’s well worth a read.

*This review is based on a book won via giveaway.*


Author: Crafty Scribbles

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