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Sum up your WIP in five GIFS

sue lyon love GIF

stanley kubrick glasses GIF

dolores haze lolita GIF

annie edison screaming GIF

jean ralphio drugs GIF

Introduce the Main Characters

Kyra Donoghue-Rees

The Bachelorette abc season 14 bachelorette the bachelorette GIF


mtv family GIF

Kill Me Now Sarah Michelle Gellar GIF

taraji p henson throwing shade GIF by E!

im gonna hunt him down julian lane GIF

Dr. Bain Hunter

bad girls club lol GIF by Beamly US

jim carrey no GIF

hocus pocus witch GIF

How would your main characters react in a crisis


forrest gump running GIF

lies GIF by The Maury Show

Dr. Bain Hunter

good the simpsons GIF

delores del rio latina GIF by Identity

If you were to meet your characters in person, how would you react?


bad girl dont lie GIF

virtual hug GIF

And if you were to meet your antagonist

Dr. Bain Hunter

Bad Girls Club Bgc Redemption Gif By RealitytvGIF

scott walker gay GIF

Choking Ryan Gosling GIF

Is there any romance in your WIP? How would you sum it up in gifs?

Kyra and Daisy

best friends love GIF by Step Up: High Water

youre beautiful GIF

kelly clarkson GIF

How do other characters feel about this ship?

Kyra’s sister, Rhiannon

honesty skamaustin GIF

Kyra’s mother, Vivienne

dungeons and dragons smile GIF by Saving Throw

pbs misunderstand GIF by Third Rail with OZY

Dr. Bain Hunter

we hate you GIF

anakin skywalker hate GIF

How do you want people to react to reading your WIP?

What The Hell Wtf GIF

taraji p henson applause GIF





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