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Yay! I love writing tags. I need to see more of them and participate, so I can explain my process and cut moments of writer’s block leeching my soul. Well, I found this one on Youtube via Kristina Bak.

As for this tag, of course, I’m using my adult fiction work in progress (WIP), Porcelain, as fodder to answer the questions. If you’re a writer, feel free to tag yourself. Enjoy!


1. Rose- describe what makes your main protagonist internally strong?

Kyra’s a fighter. She’s been through the wringer; yet, she prevails, in her own way, each time. She refuses to lay down and just die even when the shots call for her to do so. Also, she has people she truly adores (Daisy, her girlfriend, and Rhiannon’s, Kyra’s sister). If she weakened to the point of no return, she worries about how they’d handle her absence.

2. “It’s been 84 years.”- Does your book have flashback scenes? If not, what are some examples you reference from your characters’ past?

Yes, flashback chapters, much shorter than present time chapters, exist in my WIP. They are triggered by an aspect found in either the chapter before or after the flashback.

3. Jack- what makes your main love interest so lovable?

Daisy. She’s patient, kind, and lovable. She’s the Ying to Kyra’s Yang. They fit, despite all the drama Kyra brings to their relationship, she could not live without Daisy.

4. “I’m the king of the world!”- What line/scene from your book could people easily quote/talk about after reading it?

“I’ll name her when she’s born.” No explanations. No spoilers. lol

5. My heart will go on- Do you have a forbidden romance in your book? If it’s not forbidden, what obstacles must the characters overcome to stay together?

It’s forbidden in some eyes, but Kyra and Daisy’s romance is a healthy and, thankfully, legal one.

6. The Heart of the Ocean- Do you have a MacGuffin in your story? (an object/item the characters seem to want or care about)

Hunter’s gift to Kyra. What is it and why is it so important? No spoilers, folks.

7. “Paint me like one of your french girls.”- Is there a scene in your book that you’ll be embarrassed by when your family reads it?

Some of the flashbacks involving Hunter and Kyra. Yeah, that may make them icky. Or, some of the scenes with Kali and Kyra. They might suggest additional therapy.

8. The Iceberg- How do you spot plot holes (or icebergs) in your story and what steps do you take to fix them.

I jot down continuation notes to remind myself for fixes in the next revision. Or, if I’m anal at that moment, boom, I’m fixing it.

9. The sinking of the Ship- Characters from your book that could be “shipped” with other book characters.

Book characters from other books? I have no idea. I’m sure their personalities would mesh with others, although I’d hate for Kyra and Daisy to separate. In a twisted way, however, Kyra’s mother could party with Hunter. But, let’s not travel down that twisted rabbit hole.

10. “I’ll never let go”- Is there a character you’ve written that would be the hardest for you to kill off (if you ever had to)?

All of them! “Kill Your Darlings” is a concept I’m still trying to train myself. Ugh. It’s hard, people. Your characters become your children. That’s just sick, lol.

Well, there ya go! If you’re a writer, take some time and participate. Tag yourself and pass the joy to the next person.

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