Can I Get a Hit of Mr. Brown?

I drink you in

though you’re no good for me

You fill my day

with energy that I’ve yet to claim

I shake and shiver

when you call my name

An endless song carrying me to the next day

as though

My love for the Earl need not matter

Mr. Latte hot

you promise me love and words as I work

on my digital form

like a maestro on a piano

You sing my vocal symphonies

until I reach my daily limit

and I say, “Ahh!”

Is there ever enough?

Will there ever be enough

for me not to crawl out of bed

and bring you to my lips?

Will you cover your eyes as I seduce your family in Paris


or London?

Or, will you accept the polygamy

involved in this game

we play?

– Latanya Ivey ©2018

Author: Crafty Scribbles

Lover of Words. Mother. Teacher. Traveler. Writer. Bionic woman against ignorance. Finding the balance between words and reality. M.Ed. built to school you.