New Year…New Happenings!

2019’s here and I’m ready for it. Yes. I made resolutions and yes, I do intend to keep them. They’re pretty standard. 

  • Lose thirty pounds. Nice round number. Feasible. Doable. Happening.
  • Finish my long-drawn writing project, Porcelain. Get ‘er done. NOW!
  • Start my new writing project, tentatively titled Cornflakes. 
  • Learn to love querying.
  • Learn to love outlining so I can finish the previous two mentioned items.
  • Keep reading! That’s what I do best and I’m always on time.
  • Travel as much as I can. Always a plus.
  • Keep track of my health.
  • Invest in skincare. Seriously. I’m in my early forties. It’s time. I’m not cracking or anything, but prevention is a good one.

I have tremendous work to do and to complete these items, I must believe in myself.

I must believe in myself.

Believe in me.

Believe in



That’s all I wrote.

Happy New Year!




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