Love, Peace, and Book Challenges

Book challenges. From to Book Riot’s Read Harder, there’s one for any bibliophile willing to invest time, money, and/or energy into completing them. I adore them. To track my books, I use Goodreads.


I like variety. So, I’ll share a secret. I do not follow a reading challenge to the tee. I tend to take reading prompts from challenges I enjoy or create and mesh them into one. Freedom towards reading inspires me. I never want to see reading become a chore. It’s not a race or a hindrance. But, a hobby and a lifestyle that brings me joy yearly.

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Thus, I complete a prompt, I check it. Done. Finito. Out of my way. When a prompt grinds my gears, I recharge, while finding my competitive nature piquing, and return to the list, adding books I did not expect to read.

Thankfully, I find titles I never expect to cross. Nonfiction? Ugh. I used to skip with impunity. Now, it’s on my yearly list. Graphic novels/comics? What? I changed my mind and added them.

More so, book challenges push us (or rather, they should push us) to read harder, stronger, and more diverse. While I have favorite genres, I discover books fueling my love farther than expected.

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I cannot wait to see what this year’s challenge presents. Take a peek!

Livey’s 2019 Book Challenge *59 Prompts in Total*

Popsugar Book Challenge

Regular Level

  • A book that makes you nostalgic
  • A book written by a musician (nonfiction/fiction)
  • A reread of a favorite book
  • A book about a hobby
  • A book you meant to read in 2018
  • A book with an item of clothing or accessory on the cover
  • A book told from multiple character p.o.v.s
  • A book by two female authors
  • A book with a title that contains, “Salty” “Bitter” “Sweet” or “Spicy”
  • A debut novel
  • A book that should be turned into a movie
  • A book published in 2019
  • A book recommended by a celebrity you admire
  • A book with “love” in the title
  • A book featuring an amateur detective
  • A book about a family
  • A book with a two-word title
  • Your favorite prompt from a past POPSUGAR Book Challenge (“A Book You Bought on a Trip”)
  • A ghost story
  • A book with a question in the title
  • A book with a plant in the title or on the cover
  • Includes a wedding
  • A book written by an author from Asia, Africa, or South America

Advanced Level

  • An “Own Voices” book
  • A book with no chapters / unusual chapter headings / unconventionally numbered chapters
  • Read a book set in the season it is set in

Book Riot Read Harder

  • A book by a woman and/or AOC that won a literary award in 2018
  • A comic by an LGBTQIA creator
  • A children’s or middle grade book (not YA) that has won a diversity award since 2009
  • A collection of poetry published since 2014
  • A humor book
  • A cozy mystery
  • A historical romance by an AOC

Around the Year in 52 Books

  • A book from one of the top 5 money making genres (romance/erotica, crime/mystery, religious/inspirational, science fiction/fantasy or horror)
  • A book about reading, books, or an author/writer
  • A book with a number in the title or on the cover
  • A book related to something cold (i.e. theme, title, author, cover, etc.)
  • A book you have owned for at least a year, but have not read yet
  • A children’s classic you’ve never read
  • A psychological thriller
  • A book not written in traditional novel format (poetry, essay, epistolary, graphic novel, etc.)
  • A book you stumbled upon
  • A book with a weird or intriguing title
  • A book related in some way to a tv show/series or movie you enjoyed (same topic, same era, book appeared in the show/movie, etc.)
  • A book with a (mostly) black cover

Random (Prompts I Always Liked)

  • A title with a color included
  • A book by an author new to you
  • A book about a topic that fascinates you
  • Three books by the same author
  • A book you chose for the cover
  • Set in a country you’ve visited
  • A teen as a main character
  • A graphic novel
  • A Re-telling
  • A beach read
  • Ugly cover
  • One-word title
  • A short story anthology
  • A book with a person of color on the cover
  • Read a book depicting mental health

Are you participating in a book challenge this year? What’s your favorite? Do you create your own? Feel free to share in the comments. Whatever you choose, enjoy!

Peace, Love, and Reading Nooks


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