Hue’s Reviews: My Lovely Wife

Check on your neighbors because they may have a hobby that’s rather odd. In Downing’s novel, she presents Millicent and our narrator, her husband and their two kids, Rory and Jenna. Millicent’s a real estate agent and he’s a tennis coach. In-between breakfast and tuna casserole, homework and laundry, PTA meetings and home sales, they kill.

Yes. They kill. It’s not a spoiler. It’s in the blurb.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and dare I say it, found it fun. There are twists and turns – that ending – that will raise your blood pressure. There are moves that make you throw your book across the room. Maybe I’m alone in this reaction, but who could blame me?


1. Though I do not believe Downing set out to make this book satirical, you cannot help but think she implicated how suburban homes create lovely, normal homes when, as evidenced by this family, our neighbors can creep out the best of us. In fact, I’m checking mine out as I type.

2. I did not want to like or root for the husband as he narrated, but I could not help but do so. Crazy indeed!

3. I hate Millicent and the twist in the end makes me hate her more.

4. Short, tense chapters. Nothing’s dragged out to the last nail clipping. So much is written in five pages than stories with 10+ pages per chapter.


1. Ending’s a bit fast. While still satisfactory, it feels speedy.


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