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For every five good reading habits, there’s bound to be five bad ones I possess. We all have them and discussing them makes us better bibliophiles. Hopefully!


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Adding Books to My TBR Before Ciphering Some Books

I love books. I love them despite not always getting a chance to read stories I buy or borrow. Time’s a killer. It can make you put aside objects you love. Unfortunately, a bad habit I possess includes adding books to my TBR before reading or, at least, cleaning my list. What happens? A massive pileup that often befuddles.

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How to Change into a Good Habit: Clean house, or read books before adding more.

Judging Books By Covers and Goodreads Reviews

Ugh. Self-explanatory. Ever go into a bookstore and see the most beautiful cover imaginable, only for that story to absolutely suck. Yeah. We all fall victim. I read bad stories because of good or excellent covers, while passing good stories because of odd or terrible covers.

Another form of this mishap involves taking Goodreads reviews for face value. Star ratings are personal. For every five-star, someone will see it as a three or two-star outing. The website, which I adore, is infamous for over-hyped reviews leading to horrible experiences. I read stories with five-stars that received DNF (Did not finish) status because someone gave too much charity towards their review.

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How to Change into a Good Habit: Discover new tales or themes. Give books a shot beyond the cover. Also, to not take five-star ratings seriously. We approach stories differently. Take reviews with an ounce of salt.

Book Hoarding

I do not lend books to family and friends often. I’m a book dragon, preferring to sit on my books. I fear destruction or never seeing them again. I could be selfless and share. Who wants that?

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How to Change into a Good Habit: Share. It’s really that simple. 

My bookshelves are Chaotic

I do not give bookshelf tours nor do I color-coordinate. I just place my books on a shelf until further use. No, I do not alphabetize by author or genre. I just place my books on a shelf until further use. Uh-uh. Books are not arranged by height. I just place my books on a shelf until further use.

Bingo. There’s a pattern.

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How to Change into a Good Habit: Is this a bad thing? I will update later.

Letting Reading Affect My Writing

Monthly, if my schedule allows, I can read twenty plus books. However, to do so, I must ignore writing or revising projects. No can do. My writing love can not suffer for any reason.

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How to Change into a Good HabitI find a balance and five to seven works best. Five is that happy middle, though, and I think I’ll keep my monthly reading at that wonderful number.

There ya go! Five bad to go with the good. Will I change them? Maybe. I can honestly say I will struggle with the bookcase one. But, hey. Everyone’s a work in progress.

Do you have any bad reading habits you want to change or keep? Share or comment below.

Until our habits hurt…





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  1. omg SAME about judging books by covers and Goodreads reviews! Even if a book sounds interesting, if it has terrible reviews, I’m very unlikely to pick it up, and vice versa as well.

    And same about my shelves being disorganized!!!!!!! The most organization we have is that books by the same author are together and series are in order, but that’s it. Everything is all over the place with no organization whatsoever.

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