Hue’s Reviews: Honeysmoke

Simone wants a color of her own.

Simone is a little girl in search of a color. Complexion, really. Her mother’s black and the color of trees. Her father’s white, wearing the color of billowed smoke from trains. Where does that leave her?


She frets, mixing colors at school and home to find the right shade. She asks friends for help, but they cannot. After asking her parents several times, she owns her color.

In this story, connection and self-identification are key subjects in today’s global society. She’s biracial, and while that fact creates many colors, she wants a definite her place in the world.

I enjoyed this story because of Simone’s determination to define herself as she sees fit. A little bit of both and she’s happy. Supportive parents add to the story as well as a two cute pages at the story’s end displaying several colors biracial and non-biracial children can categorize themselves.





Author: Crafty Scribbles

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