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When I selected this book to read, I had no idea how Sharon Biggs Waller would approach this tale. Would she use objectivity? Or, would she sneak some teachings that hurt readers? Suffice to say, she chose the former with gusto.

In Girls on the Verge, Waller creates a story of a girl’s personal decision in the form of a road trip along with two girlfriends with varied mindsets. Set in Texas, Camille faces abortion restrictions, including false information and misogynistic and paternalistic attitudes by men and women supporting said men.


I mentioned that, in the form of a road trip, Camille’s personal decision brings forth a coming of age that’s timely, necessary, and honest.

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1. Honesty and Objectivity. Weller shares her experience and you can tell as the prose comes from a knowledgeable and nonjudgmental place. What’s involved mentally, emotionally, and physically in making such a personaldecision finds excellent space. The theme is making a personal decision that fits for the person, and wow, do we need more books like this one.

2. Both Sides Are Represented Through Annabelle and Bea, Camille’s Friends via Pro-Choice and Pro-Life arguments). While the book’s heavily pro-choice (Yay!), thankfully, the latter’s reasonable and respectful.

3. The ending’s subtle and sublime.

4. Quick pacing.

5. Short chapters.

6. High tension. Given the subject, it’s expected. But, there’s high tension as it’s a road trip tale and well, things happen.

7. Friendship Matters. Annabelle’s amazing. Bea’s learning. Regardless of how they feel, they hold Camille upright through this difficult time, thick and thin.

8. Realistic Setting. There’s no magic. Tropes do not show to save the day. Obstacles and hurdles display the topic’s difficulty, especially in red states.

9. A Likable Main Character. Camille’s a teenager who’s relatable. There’s no Buffy-speak. She does not act like an adult, but a young woman on the verge of a big decision with a need for help and support.

10. Read the Author’s Note. Enough said.



Honestly, I could not find a single con personally. Read and see for yourself.

4/5 Well-researched. Honest. Objective. Fair.

*I might catch hell. But, I do not care. I’m Pro-Choice, meaning I stand for WHATEVER choice a woman or girl makes on her own. Enough said.*
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