Hue’s Reviews: I Wanna Be Where You Are

Kristina Forest writes a lovely, contemporary piece about a young girl striving to reach her ballet goals while balancing love and life on a brief road trip. Meet Chloe. She wants to dance for Avery Johnson and his conservatory.

However, the audition is in D.C.. Can she get there without her mother discovering her plans and an undesired passenger riding with her? Or, will her plan to dance for the biggest ballet dancer fail?


  1. Diversity! Always a win. The story centers on an Afro-Latina girl with African-American characters. In addition, there’s a gay male character.
  2. I love books focusing on ballet and/or ballerinas. No. I was not a ballerina, but the dance and its world intrigues me.
  3. Cute and respectful romance. There’s consent before kissing, which is becoming an aspect in stories.
  4. Sweet and relatable female main character. She knows what she wants and will strive to achieve her dream, while giving herself space to figure the extras in life, e.g. love, parents.
  5. Love the title and book cover. I could not help but sing the song in my head as I read.
  6. Age-appropriate, though the whole road trip at sixteen/seventeen makes me cringe as a parent (LOL!)


  1. I would have liked less focus on Eli and more focus on Chloe. Since the book’s short, too much time’s spent on romance and not Chloe’s dance background.

Verdict: ★★★½/★★★★★



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