Hue’s Reviews: In At The Deep End

In at the Deep End

Let’s start Pride month right, shall we?

Julia, a Londoner, seeks lust and satisfying sex after annoying dry spells plague her. However,  she’s not getting her needs from men. After a night with a woman, she discovers she’s a lesbian.

However, after meeting another woman, Sam, she falls into the deep end of a maddening relationship that challenges her prior self and the role she wishes to take in her future endeavors.

What follows is a coming of age tale about a woman discovering good sex in all the right places after years of getting some in the wrong places. However, good sex may lead to a topsy-turvy and unhealthy relationship dictating her life.


  1. London! I love books set in my favorite international city. When I hear a story’s set in London, I rush a copy home.
  2. LGBTQA Representation. I love a lesbian coming of age story, especially when the main character’s in her twenties and beyond.
  3. If you like a bit of kink and naughtiness, this story’s for you. Sex. Lust. Sex. Delicious!
  4. Supportive friendships. While some did not understand completely the identity issues discussed in the book, they offered support as they learned along with Julia.
  5. I liked the cover. It feels simple. Blue and pink lettering with an mascaraed eye look at you while you “judge” her sexual journey.
  6. Frank sexuality. It’s in your face and honest. I have not read any book as frank as this book without heteronormativity or bias attached.
  7. The books shows a controlling, abusive relationship that’s female-female, which hurts the main character. Not all bad relationships involve a male partner, some are same-sex and the author does not shy away from the fact.


  • There’s a scene later in the book where Sam pretends to be a Mexican rapist, which I did not like.
  • Meandered in the middle a bit.

In summary, the pros outweigh the cons. I recommend this tale of sexual identity and discovery because, relationships, good and bad, thrive outside of the heteronormative societal side.








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