Fun in The Sun, Or How I Plan to Not Screw My Writing This Summer

Summer’s here. Normally, I would cartwheel through my house, considering teaching provides work-free summers, if you can get them. My mornings happen whenever I choose to wake and not at the mercy of an alarm. I can sit by the pool and sip lemonade. Also, I can see a movie and enjoy free air-conditioning.

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Summers bring conflict to my writing personality. DISTRACTIONS! Heat. Trips. Writer’s Block. I battle these items at this time most often. My current stares at me, revising necessary, but I would rather check my social media and goof as the day progresses. Even typing this post gives me twitchy fingers to check Twitter and Instagram, my primary tools.

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Nevertheless, I do have a plan. Use June to Revise. Use July to take a break.

I’m serious.

With about twelve chapters to pass through, this plan’s feasible. What does it mean, though? What steps do I have to take?

blue ballpoint pen on white notebook

  1. Work outside the house. Coffeehouse here I come!
  2. Switch from hot tea to iced coffee.
  3. One chapter per day.
  4. Work for two hours only.
  5. Limit social media to before and after those two hours.
  6. Say no to my family because, deep inside, I love them more than anything, but they have to fend for themselves.
  7. Lucky number 7! If a piece does not work, CUT, CUT, CUT!
  8. Limit reading to audiobooks only. I can get through them faster than printed books and I’m less likely to stall.
  9. Continue to leave my weekend free (No Writing or Revising!)
  10. Reward myself for doing 1-9 daily.

Plan begins at the end of this post.


I mean my words.




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