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Summertime’s here, and with the sun’s magnificent glory comes books that remind us of the warmest season. I saw this tag on Kristen Kraves Books. While my summer reading wanes a bit during the summer (C’mon! Summer distracts easily, lol), I thought this tag looked fun.


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Hurricane Child

Born during  a hurricane, twelve-year-old Caroline sits out on a coming of age story where she struggles to find her mother, handing her first Sapphic love, and find out what makes her whole. Set on a beautiful island, your senses will make you believe your on an Caribbean island.

The Wedding Party

This book’s hot! Read under air-conditioning or a trusted fan. Two strangers met in an elevator. He asks her to escort him to a friend’s wedding, and the rest, well, sparks thirst.

I Wanna Be Where You Are

Follow Chloe on a road trip as she plans to audition for a ballet conservatory in NYC. Of course, she’s going without her mother’s permission and an annoying pseudo-friend tags along. What could possible happen?

My Lovely Wife

This book kept me on my toes. While it is heavy for the season, read this quick read by the pool when it inspires you to cool down from its hot thrills.

In at the Deep End

Julia meets Sam. Julia becomes a lesbian. What follows is a coming of age tale about a woman discovering good sex in all the right places after years of getting some in the wrong places. However, good sex may lead to a topsy-turvy and unhealthy relationship dictating her life.

The Summer of Jordi Perez (And the Best Burger in Los Angeles)

Abby discovers delicious hamburgers and Jordi Perez in a summer where her coming of age sets the stage for the unexpected.

How It Feels to Float

Beautiful in its haunting glare, Helena Fox presents a story about ghosts and mental illness, and how they both chase those inflicted with their presence. Lovely writing meets appropriate LGBTQA and mental health representation; partnerships often lacking in books nowadays. Hence, this book’s a sunny breath of fresh air.

Girls on the Verge

In Girls on the Verge, Waller creates a story of a girl’s personal decision in the form of a road trip along with two girlfriends with varied mindsets. Set in Texas, Camille faces abortion restrictions, including false information and misogynistic and paternalistic attitudes by men and women supporting said men.


I mentioned that, in the form of a road trip, Camille’s personal decision brings forth a coming of age that’s timely, necessary, and honest.


Besides the delicious cover and text within the book, you will find mouth-watering recipes in-between this story’s parts. I cannot wait to try them. They sound saucy!

The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir

Ms. Lewis is a bona fide firecracker and I adore her. Through trials and tribulations, she fights in her finest heels with a wit one envies. She inspires me completely and her book will have you cracking up at whether you are beachside or poolside.

That’s it, guys! I tag all. If you know books that are great for the summer season, feel free to play or share below in the comments.

Happy Summer!



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