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once ghosted

“Out of all the train cars in all the world you had to walk into mine.” Likotsi switched up which ankle was resting on which knee, the action forcing Fab to take a step back, then tilted her chin toward the doors separating the cars. “You’re only supposed to use those in case of emergency.” “I’d say that seeing you a few feet away counts as an emergency.”

― Alyssa Cole, Once Ghosted, Twice Shy

Think When Fab Met Likotsi (Again). Alyssa Cole’s sexy and fun novella introduces two women rekindling a love affair from the previous year. They bump into each other and wonder whether their affection borders real connection or a past moment in their recent memory.
In one hundred and six pages, Cole grants us a chance to witness sapphic love where there’s no message or tragedy – just fun an romance.


1. Respectful LGBTQA and black woman representation. Fab and Likotski felt like full-fledged characters. We would know these women in real-life. They do not serve as messages on society and whatnot.
2. Short. As mentioned before, it’s a novella and sits at one hundred and six pages. But, it feels deep and could have worked as a novel.
3. Romance. Fun, and at times, hot. Cole knows how to work romantic scenes.
4. Top-notch writing, which compels you to follow this whirlwind experienced by the women. While they discuss issues about misunderstandings, family, and class, Cole’s writing invites you into these women’s worlds without alienating her readers.
5. Great cover! Realistic and inviting.


1. While the length works as a pro, it works as a con. I wish for a longer novel. Hopefully, Cole revisits these two.
2. Bit of a slow start. Thankfully, we receive a quick pick-up as the story progresses.
Overall, read this novella. I do not read many, but whenever I catch a fun-filled ride, I cannot help but spread the word.
Verdict: 4 ♥♥♥♥ out of 5

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