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The Arrangement

Are you a broke and hungry art school student? Can’t make rent? Can’t pay bills? Well, have I got an arrangement for you.

Robyn Harding’s “The Arrangement” enthralls as she creates a world, based on reality, where a young girl gets her needs met via wining and dining an older man. For Natalie, the world of sugar daddies and sugar babies promises thrills; however, the subsequent chills rock whatever stability she craves.


  1. Fast-paced. Once you start reading, putting the story down is nearly impossible.
  2. Relatable. Listen. Many of us have been so broke that we begin thinking we are willing to do anything. Natalie could be any of us.
  3. Believable. The story is well-researched, and Natalie’s twists and turns could happen to anyone.
  4. The story gives you a pit in your stomach and refuses to let go.
  5. The ending. Even though, you may figure how the book ends halfway in, the ending still satisfies.
  6. Characterization works. I do not recall any melding of faces and personalities. People gel appropriately.


  1. As mentioned, the story is fast-paced. Unfortunately, there are moments where its quick speed may lead to some implausibility. Quick love, for instance. However, the speed will not pull you from the story’s overall arc.
  2. The book cover. I sense a desire to portray the griminess permeating the story; but, I feel a better cover would have convey the sense.

In conclusion, Harding’s “The Arrangement” promises to thrill and chill you with it’s fast-paced thrust into a world many can imagine, but few take part.

*Thanks to Netgalley for this reading opportunity in exchange for a unbiased review*




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