August Wrap-Up

August rang crazy. Not only did I start a new project since my first is in beta reading, but I read books that totally left me unsatisfied. Ugh. Books either landing in the two or three star range. Not one four or five crossed my path. Also, I read (listened) to more audiobooks. Not one printed book was used. Mayday! Mayday! Send help.

Here’s to hoping September makes up to the mess August brought to my door.


The Body LiesCan't Escape Love: A Reluctant Royals N…The Party by Robyn HardingGhostedAll Eyes on Us Lib/E by Kit FrickChangeless by Gail CarrigerBlameless by Gail CarrigerThe Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth WareLet's Talk About Love by Claire KannIn a Dark, Dark Wood

  • Can’t Escape Love (Audiobook/Novella) ♥♥♥½

Cute. While it feels a bit rushed, I enjoyed this adorable story. The two had enough chemistry for a full novel.

  • The Body Lies (Audiobook) ♥♥♥

In parts, this book works. However, the character comes off as weak. I would have preferred a stronger character.

  • The Party (Audiobook) ♥♥
  • Ghosted (Audiobook) ♥♥
  • All Eyes on Me (Audiobook) ♥♥
  • Blameless (Audiobook) ♥♥
  • Changeless (Audiobook) ♥♥

I started this series with a joy that I never experienced. I usually do not follow them, preferring standalones. But, you know the first book clawed me and I was done. However, the next two books showed me to stick to my guns and my preferences. Sad.

  • Let’s Talk About Love (Audiobook) ♥♥♥

Cute and the Ace representation is on point (I’m not ace, but hey, I did not see any        issues).

  • The Woman in Cabin 10 (Audiobook) ♥♥♥

Shrugs. Okay. I guess.

  • In a Dark, Dark Wood (Audiobook) ♥♥♥

Soft 3. Good writing and plot. But, as I read the story, I went in and out in spurts. I’d still recommend a read, if you’re new to Ruth Ware.


A Tiger Like Me

  • A Tiger Like Me (ebook) ♥♥♥

Cute, but the passages need an edit. I can see kids falling asleep by the fourth page, not because of the plot, but simply because of the wordiness.


The Death of Mrs. Westaway

  • I tried reading this book again and I should have listened to my gut. It’s a no for me. I did like The Woman in Cabin 10 and In a Dark, Dark Wood, and I plan to read The Turn of the Key. So, I still have hope for Ruth Ware. But, this one is a no.




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