I Smashed My Writer’s Block (The Quarantine Papers)

Still in self-quarantine..

But, good news arises. I smashed my writer’s block. Yeah, you can say I smashed it by writing a poem or continuing with my blog. They count without a doubt.

However, I’m back to my first project. I cannot let go of this one. I love it too much. Do I have a clue to what draft I’m on? Nope. I’m just writing, rereading, and editing as I go.

I’m taking my time because, well, I have NOTHING BUT TIME. *insert sad laugh*

My Plan

  1. Reread four to five chapters each day.
  2. Edit or write as necessary.
  3. Create new chapters if necessary.
  4. Cry.
  5. Panic.
  6. Drink obscene amounts of tea.
  7. Distrust my work.
  8. Rinse.
  9. Repeat.

Sounds good? Right? All right.

Let’s go!

Wish me luck. Someone loves me to keep putting me through this crap.


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