June’s End. I’m Still Thriving.

Life’s okay. The Rona’s driving me madder than usual. But, I put on a smile and continue on, thanks to God and Oshun. My writer’s block’s gone for the time being. Thankfully, I’m writing every day anywhere from 2 a.m. to seven a.m. I work best between those hours.

Don’t worry. I sleep beforehand for strength and clarity. Also, I enjoy the silence (Shout out to Depeche Mode). No one’s talking. No one’s moving. No one’s interrupting. It’s just me and my typing fingers, which I admit can creep me out sometimes.

So far, my second work in progress coming along. I’m 69, 241 words in. I think I’m gunning for about 90,000. That’s about 21,000 more words. Something tells me I’ll go over, which I guess works better than going under. Tee-hee. I made a pun.

July’s coming. Obviously, other than writing, editing my first work in progress, and tending to my family, I have nothing planned. Fourth of July’s cancelled, but Twitter’s alive. So, I’ll be on here, there, and everywhere talking my ish…

I’ll get back on the blog this month. I miss her.


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