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Since CraftyScribbles.com/CraftyScribblescom.com is a personal blog, readers and guests should and can expect personal opinions or moments posted as belonging to me, Livey.  Any entities for which I am associated are not responsible.

As is an expected part of life, my thoughts and opinions change as I feel since I write as I feel. I am open to dialogue; however, I am not opened to commentators telling me how to run my blog. No disrespect intended. Just stating facts.

If I make a mistake or say something foolish, feel free to contact me. One is never too old to learn and relearn.


I have a right to my privacy. I use a contact form as an open exchange of ideas. Should someone sidestep their lane, I will remind them once. ONCE! After that one time, legalities will be considered.

Copyright of Intellectual Property:

Posts, writings, and poetry, unless specifically written as otherwise, belong to me. I wrote them and I appreciate if copyrights are respected. Feel free to link to my post. In case of fiction and/or poetry, do not reuse, copy, or reprint without my expressed permission.

Other Matters:


Should I choose to profit from my blog and you like any affiliations in which I connect, I am not responsible for your choice in affiliation. Life is a series of choices. Some good. Some bad. But, they are choices nevertheless. Affiliate at your own risk.

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