What’s a Sensitivity Reader?


What is My Role?

I help improve a book’s quality by checking for any possible misrepresentations, including one-dimensional stereotyping, and biases. I am not an editor and do not check for clarity and logic.

However, I seek to look for issues involving unchecked negative-based language, and internalized biases. I erase mistakes made by authors and writers regarding marginalized groups, not limited to race, gender, sex, sexuality, religion, and ability.

What is My Background?

Having served in a writing group, as an aspiring author and published poet, I understand the need for marginalized groups and authors to see their voice represented. As a reader, repeatedly, I have seen works where internalized biases harmed them. I wish to help those authors outside of marginalized groups reach their full potential by erasing past mistakes from writers in earlier generations.

What is My Fee?

Per 40,000 to 100,000 words, I charge $200.  For heavier manuscripts, we can discuss appropriate fees. I ask that writers hand in submission-ready manuscripts. I request second drafts and above. For my price, you will get my notes on biases and language that may hinder your work’s quality. Please do not hesitate to discuss what you seek in a critique.

Therefore, I must reiterate that I am not a structural editor. I represent a separate clarity service.

In addition, I am a freelancer and my skills are not shared with others. Your privacy has my utmost respect.

You may contact me at liveywriter@outlook.com.



Latanya Ivey